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How To Spot a Fake Model Scam Agency

Across all parts of the UK many photographers feed on the dreams of aspiring models/actors etc Do not give in to there temptations! This article will tell you how to stay away from a scam!

Gigi Hadid Reebok

Real Agency’s will NEVER make you pay for anything upfront, The classic modelling scam is where they take you to a studio & say you need to pay for a portfolio as you have been accepted to there fake modelling agency.

Ariana Grande GIF Reebok

Some known FAKE modelling agency’s are:
DTM Models
GT Models
Modelling Advice & Tips!
M0del Agency

Those agency’s are FAKE & are designed to take your money & run.

To keep away from being tricked into spending your money for a bunch if photos that would just be sitting there, 

  1. Do your research on each agency before signing up with them.

  1. Don’t pay them any money, real agents get paid a percentage for example 10 to 20% of what you get paid.

  1. If they ask you to pay for photographs with there own photographers then it will most likely mean they just want to make money of you.

What happens with fake agents:

They will invite you in for a “Test Shoot”, there will tend to be a group of people waiting as well for the test shoot, then after that they will tell you or your child that they have gotten into the agency. Real agents do not work like this at all.


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