Dwen Gyimah announces new Stop Knife Crime Vision

We were able to speak to TV actor Dwen Gyimah to talk about his plans for the future, including his recent Stop Knife Crime activities that he has been announcing on his social media page.

Dwen Gyimah Purple Wallpaper/Stop Knife Crime

Dwen has stated:
“In the future, all in the name of stopping knife crime, we plan to go to multiple schools both primary & secondary to talk about not just knife crime but staying out of trouble & dangers as a whole, I believe I should use my career to help make the world a better place, and this Stop Knife Crime Project is an example”

Celebrity Spark asked Dwen
“Have you or a friend you know been effected by knife crime”

Dwen stated 
“I have been in the position a lot of times where I read a newspaper article or watch the news to see someone I know has been killed in a knife incident. I myself have seen that you do not need to be in a gang or even a violent person to be attacked and that alone is another worry”

Dwen Gyimah’s official Website is: Dwen Gyimah Central. & his new Stop Knife Crime Website is stopyouthcrime.gyimahnjerkingdom.com
The site sells Stop Knife Crime Products such as IPhone Cases and more.

In 2019 it is only June and there have already been a total of 100 Knife Attacks already. Some believe that it is the use of rap music/grime that encourages young people to participate in these attacks.