Dwen Gyimah’s Birthday Approaches

Dwen Gyimah transitions from teen star to adult star as his birthday approaches.

Dwen Gyimah Widescreen HD

Dwen Gyimah television actor, from London to New York,  Dwen has struck international recognition, Dwen born: 18th April 1999 will see March being the last month of him being a teenager as he steps into Adulthood!
Dwen Gyimah Art HD

Dwen Gyimah always does his best to please fans when coming in contact with him he is social on his Facebook page (Dwen Gyimah) Snapchat:(dwen235) Instagram:(@dwengyimah).

Dwen Gyimah was raised in South East London, he can be seen sometimes in Bromley shopping centre.
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Dwen has transitioned nicely from child star to adult, he has been in numerous projects & makes a very proud and unique name to TV history, Dwen’s style is super colourful with a hint of red (which is his favourite colour).

Dwen Gyimah’s Official Website is:  http://www.gyimahnjerkingdom.com/?m=1  where fans can buy his merchandise including his “Dwen’s Girl” Clothing line.