Racism in Beast Morphers

Beast Morphers Rangers
Fans are wowed that Beast Morphers introducing another black-Red Ranger, the last season to do this was exactly 10 years ago with the 2009 final Disney season: Power Rangers RPM.

Now, fans need to remember Hasbro very smartly avoided what could have been targeted as a very racist move. Beast Morphers consists of an animal theme (it’s unknown wether the Spy theme will b ignored) Cheetah, Gorilla & Bunny rabbit. We haven’t had a black female ranger be in a team where the first 3 consists of Red, Blue, Yellow so chances of that was slim, & there was NO WAY the blue ranger could be black because he is designed to have the powers of a Gorilla, there would have been outraged if Hasbro was calling a black actor a gorilla ranger, that’s most likely why the Red Ranger is black.

This was a very smart move from Hasbro as many racism rumours would have been avoided.
Power Rangers Beast Morphers starts 2nd March on Nickelodean
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