Jungle Fury’s Prop maker answers if Disney really DIDNT care sbout P R

Disney’s Power Rangers prop maker spills the tea

“I was aware of the comments about Disney not caring....”

Jungle Fury Solar Morpher Prop Red 
Jungle Fury Morpher before paint
Jungle Fury red morpher prop

Alan Walker who worked on some props and even toy prototypes for the Disney seasons says “I was aware that the budget was getting smaller at one point, but I can not say wether Disney cared or not since I was never really directly contracted by Disney, just the workers on the show” was Alan’s reply when asked if Disney DID or DIDNT care about the franchisee.

Jungle Fury Red Morpher DEMO designs.
Apparantly the solar morphers were originally meant to have the ear piece at the very back of the morphers, hence why the toy versions had it.

Jungle Fury morpher sculpt

Alan also made the disney era ranger bikes

According to Alan:
The Solar Morphers were just normal cheap sunglasses bought from a shop that the prop department used as a base to turn them into the coolest morphers in ranger history.