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Amelia Monét & EO, What happened?!
Amelia Monet & EO Wallpaper Heart

The two stars have barely been seen with each other publicly ever since EO cheating on Amelia went viral.

What happened??! 💔 

Amelia’s ex-best friend posted a picture of EO in a hotel room bed naked,
the photo went viral and had many re-shares across Snapchat.

A YouTube video uploaded by channel  “Celeb Snap House” shared the photo too which has now been seen by even more people & has exposed EO’s affairs.

EO Caught Cheating On Amelia Monét 

Amelia & EO have no longer been making Youtube videos together & Amelia is now seen more by YouTuber “Deji” rather than with EO,

Even the two stars appearance on “Chicken Shop Date” an extremely successful comedy show hosted by presenter “Amelia Dimoldenberg” , saw EO & Amelia no where near eachother as they were in seperate scenes!