Dwen Gyimah Stuns in his new haircut red & black

Ending 2018 with a lightning bolt: Dwen Gyimah 

TV actor Dwen Gyimah who can be seen in David Bowie’s “No Plan” Music Video stuns with his awesome Half Red & Black “lightning” haircut.

Dwen Gyimah age 19

Dwen’s favourite colour is red, his haircut looks Dwentastic! The teenage actor has been a great role model for the youth & will surely continue to shine in 2019!

Dwen has recently appeared in a few TV commercials both in the UK & internationally.

Dwen has recently made his Instagram account with username: @dwengyimah & can be added on Snapchat: dwen235.

Dwen Gyimah Red Poster Yardie

Get the Dwen Gyimah look with hair dye by “Schwarzkopf Live (permenant red)”

Dwen’s Instagram is here: https://instagram.com/dwengyimah?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=yhf7ilrkd8hi