How To Know if a boy likes you

Want to know wether he likes you back? ❤️

How to know if a boy likes you

We’ve all been there, thinking a guy is drop dead gorgeous, he’s all you think  about, you stalk him, & you love to stare at him when he’s not looking..... 👀

5 basic signs that a guy likes you are

1. He makes it obvious by trying to talk to you whenever there is an opportunity to.

2. He stares at you a lot! Some guys are shy and may look away once you look back & some guys
are a little more confident & may keep on staring at you hoping for you to notice that they like you.

3. Some slightly more confident guys may ask for your detailzzz, such as (most common in our generation) your Snapchat. But if the guy has a brucked up Samsung & hasn’t got storage for Snapchat then Whatsapp, Number or Instagram may be an alternative!

4. If he hasn’t asked for your detailzzz yet then he could probably be shy! Try to ask him for his Snapchat or whatever social media app you use, Sometimes the guy acctually may like you but wants you to show him that you like him too, in order to take things further!

5. Does he say your name a lot!? Some guys may do this because they think 💭 about you many times and when they finally see you there heart is alert around you & that makes them want to mention your name because you have allll his attention!

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