NEWS: Hasbro’s Power Rangers Movie Info! 2018

Power Rangers Demo Design Intro
Power Rangers Movie Cast Suits

Hasbro has splashed a whole load of news for the future of Power Rangers!

1.Hasbro has announced that they are still in early planning for the movie but it is definitely happening!

2. Hasbro has stated fans will not be disappointed with the future of Power Ranger toys like they were with Bandai because they plan on only given you the most show accurate products possible!

3. Meetings get set up between business partners to discuss the movie from time to time so its still very relevant!

Movie Power Rangers minies

AllSpark Pictures is Hasbro’s very own production company, The movie will definitely have some work from AllSpark involved, Hasbro has not confirmed if AllSpark will be in co-production with Lionsgate for the movie or if they will be teaming up with a completely new production company.

Rare Movie rangers team animation

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Hasbro has a very positive look on Power Rangers despite the movie underperforming & the TV show’s current season “Ninja Steel” doing terrible in ratings.

Female Green Ranger Cartoon
There have been some fans wanting the green ranger to be female, which wouldn’t make a lot of sense since in the first movie the green ranger was already confirmed to be played by a female which was Rita Repulsa, it wouldn’t make too much sense to ignore the original TV show’s route of the ranger being a male.

Hasbro has confirmed that NOTHING has acctually been written out for the movie at all so ANYTHING could happen in the sequel!