Dwen Gyimah Top 5 Facts

Dwen Gyimah HD Poster 

Dwen Gyimah is a Ghanain born πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ UK TV Actor, no he’s not related to politician Sam Gyimah or footballer John Gyimah! ⚽️

Dwen Gyimah can be seen a lot of times in Bromley Shopping Centre (According to his Snapchat story’s). Dwen’s Snapchat username is dwen235

This page will give you top 10 facts about Dwen Gyimah,

1.Dwen’s favourite colour is Red

2.Dwen got into the professional world at aged 16.

3.he has worked with Horrible Histories Director: Chloe Thomas  on a 360° title “Keyed Alike” that can be watched through a special 360° app on the ios or android app store (Jaunt app)

3. Dwen’s height is 6ft’2 πŸ™€

4. To pronounce His full name is Dwen (jeema)

5. Dwen Gyimah’s website is titled: Dwen Gyimah Central: www.gyimahnjerkingdom.com/?m=1
Dwen Gyimah in Red & White Gloves

Is he single? Yes.

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