Dwen Gyimah Top 5 Facts

Dwen Gyimah HD Poster 

Dwen Gyimah is a Ghanain born πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ UK TV Actor, no he’s not related to politician Sam Gyimah or footballer John Gyimah  ! ⚽️

Dwen Gyimah can be seen a lot of times in Bromley Shopping Centre (According to his Snapchat story’s). Dwen’s Snapchat username is dwen235

This page will give you top 5 facts about Dwen Gyimah,

1.Dwen’s favourite colour is Red

2.Dwen got into the professional world at aged 14, from meetings with BBC & Nickelodean.

3.he has worked with Horrible Histories Director: Chloe Thomas  on a 360° title “Keyed Alike” that can be watched through a special 360° app on the ios or android app store (Jaunt app)

3. Dwen’s height is 6ft’2 πŸ™€

4. To pronounce His full name is Dwen (jeema)

5. Dwen Gyimah’s website is titled: Dwen Gyimah Central: www.gyimahnjerkingdom.com/?m=1
Dwen Gyimah in Red & White Gloves

Is he single? Yes.

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