Amelia Monét Collabs with Mabel, Not3s & More!

Amelia Monét’s the Baddest The Baddest! & Badder than before!

The talented Amelia Monét’s second track will feature some of the biggest names on the UK music scene!

Amelia Monet Baddest

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Amelia Monét 
Amelia is currently 18 years old, she will be turning 19 next week,
Amelia’s first track fearuring EO has scored an immpresive 8 million views on YouTube,
Baddest was also played on various TV music channels.

Amelia started of as an instagram star, who then went on to do YouTube make up & hair tutorials,
Amelia can be seen a lot of times in Oxford Circus.

Amelis snapchat name to add is: ameliaaym

Is EO & Amelia dating? Theres no official source declaring that EO & Amelia are together.