Dwen Gyimah NEW Snapchat Code and account name

UK TV star: Dwen Gyimah is back on Snapchat since his previous account: dwen234 is currently of Snapchat servers, his new and currently active account: dwen235 can be added following this link: https://www.snapchat.com/add/dwen235 or by scanning the new barcode below:
Snapchat: dwen235 Dwen Gyimah's NEW Snapchat
Dwen Gyimah has recently been seen in the advert for New York Bakery titled "The Woman Who Runs New York", Celebrity spark was able to contact the actor and ask him questions that we think his fans would want answered, read below:

Dwen Gyimah at ITV Waterloo Studios
Celebrity Spark:"Do you still attend D&B Academy of Performing Arts and will you be appearing in
                             Stage School Season 2"

Dwen Gyimah : "Yes I still go to D&B & Nahh, I have not been contacted about that series, hope people enjoy it regardless"

Dwen Gyimah HD png

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Dwen Gyimah Purlpe Dragon