Jason David Frank returning in 2021!?

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An image of Jason David Frank in-front of a blue screen, has been leaked online, The legendary Power Rangers actor who has worn the colours Red, Green, White & Black. Could be returning in the next season of Power Rangers after Beast Morphers.

Kim Possible 2?

Fans have been requesting a Kim Possible Sequel for ages now.

The first movie had mixed reviews. Some saying the overall quality of the movie was below Disney standard & it seemed like they were just using nostalgia to sell some new Kim Possible toys, whilst others can’t get enough of the film.

Will there be a sequel? 
The actress who plays Kim Possible (Sadie Stanley) is unaware of any plans to bring a second movie to the world of Disney but when she was asked if she would be interested she replied:
“We’d all definitely like it to continue it in some way, whether it’s with a TV show or another movie”
She continued to add;
“There’s just so much to work with in terms of the villains and the world and all that. (I) loved that we showcased their friendship, the strong bond that two people can share as friends. I think any sort of romantic development could be saved for possible future movies."

Dwen Gyimah Filming with Gemma Whelan from Game of Thrones

Dwen uploaded this video on his Facebook page & we see him in the make up chair filming too. Dwen Gyimah can be seen in the make up chair getting his make up done by the make up artist, the videos seem to be in portrait mode & in the clipz you can see Gemma Whelan from HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series.
The film project stars CBBC’s Horrible Histories director Chloe Thomas who can also be seen in the video.  
On set
🔵✨🔆#Very cool to work with Yara Greyjoy from Game of Thrones for this 360 VR film!, cant wait for it to be released in 2017 🎉🎡👀 -clips put together by 'power director cyberlink' application Snapchat: dwen235 💜❤📱.
Posted by Dwen Gyimah on Thursday, 22 December 2016

Hasbro makes history by bringing back the first Red Ranger

This news has shocked all of us here at Celebrity Spark....... Power Ranger fans are in for a BIG treat as Dino Thunder, Dino Charge, Mighty Morphin & Beast Morphers team up in a very shocking surprise for Power Rangers History!

At first fans thought only Mighty Morphin & Dino Chargr would return but Hasbro even decided to bring back Dino Thunder. This is based of Japans Dino Ranger special that was seen in the japanese version of Beast Morphers (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters).

Celebrities React To: Cameron Boyce death

Terrible news for Descendants fans as star: Cameron Boyce dies at the age of 20.

It is reported that Cameron died in his sleep due to an ongoing epilepsy problem.

Above is a video of various celebrities from the likes of Raven Symone, China Mclain, Dwen Gyimah reacting on social media to Cameron’s unexpected passing.


How To Spot a Fake Model Scam Agency
Across all parts of the UK many photographers feed on the dreams of aspiring models/actors etc Do not give in to there temptations! This article will tell you how to stay away from a scam!

Real Agency’s will NEVER make you pay for anything upfront, The classic modelling scam is where they take you to a studio & say you need to pay for a portfolio as you have been accepted to there fake modelling agency.

Some known FAKE modelling agency’s are: DTM Models GT Models Modelling Advice & Tips! M0del Agency
Those agency’s are FAKE & are designed to take your money & run.
To keep away from being tricked into spending your money for a bunch if photos that would just be sitting there, 
Do your research on each agency before signing up with them.
Don’t pay them any money, real agents get paid a percentage for example 10 to 20% of what you get paid.
If they ask you to pay for photographs with there own photographers then it will most likely…

love Island: Racist!?

Love Island’s official Instagram posted this photo of Yewande with caption  “The Shade of It All”
Now barring in mind Yewende is a black female, was this meant to be a racial remark or simply implying Yewande’s glasses or character?
ITV’s Love Island has the whole of Britain talking. The show is king of Instagram memes. With hashtags & posts all based around what goes on-on the Island.

Yewande is 23, she is amongst many on the Island to find love & also bag the £50,000 prize money

Dwen Gyimah announces new Stop Knife Crime Vision

We were able to speak to TV actor Dwen Gyimah to talk about his plans for the future, including his recent Stop Knife Crime activities that he has been announcing on his social media page.

Dwen has stated: “In the future, all in the name of stopping knife crime, we plan to go to multiple schools both primary & secondary to talk about not just knife crime but staying out of trouble & dangers as a whole, I believe I should use my career to help make the world a better place, and this Stop Knife Crime Project is an example”
Celebrity Spark asked Dwen “Have you or a friend you know been effected by knife crime”
Dwen stated  “I have been in the position a lot of times where I read a newspaper article or watch the news to see someone I know has been killed in a knife incident. I myself have seen that you do not need to be in a gang or even a violent person to be attacked and that alone is another worry”

Dwen Gyimah’s official Website is: DwenGyimahCentral. & his new Stop Knife Crime We…

Cardi B talks on Netflix “When They See Us” series

Cardi B makes this emotional video talking about the crazy Ava DuVernay Netflix series “When They See Us” which is based on the Central Park Five gang of innocent teenagers that were locked up for a rape & attempted murder of a woman which was a crime they didn’t commit.
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Disney’s 2019 Aladdin Movie: Naomi Scott Surprises Cinema Audiences

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Naomi Scott On Instagram
Video uploaded by YouTube channel: Celeb Snap House 
Naomi Scott surprises fans who attended the cinema to watch the Aladdin Movie,
Naomi scott starred as the pink ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers Movie, and Disney’s “Lemonade Mouth” back in 2011. As well as soon appearing in the new Charlie’s Angels movie.

The British actress has done the UK proud as she is now a role model for millions and millions of young fans. Naomi can be seen in the above video without makeup and getting ready to surprise cinema goers.

Dwen Gyimah’s Birthday Approaches

Dwen Gyimah transitions from teen star to adult star as his birthday approaches.

Dwen Gyimah television actor, from London to New York,  Dwen has struck international recognition, Dwen born: 18th April 1999 will see March being the last month of him being a teenager as he steps into Adulthood!

Dwen Gyimah always does his best to please fans when coming in contact with him he is social on his Facebookpage (Dwen Gyimah) Snapchat:(dwen235) Instagram:(@dwengyimah).

Dwen Gyimah was raised in South East London, he can be seen sometimes in Bromley shopping centre.

Dwen has transitioned nicely from child star to adult, he has been in numerous projects & makes a very proud and unique name to TV history, Dwen’s style is super colourful with a hint of red (which is his favourite colour).

Dwen Gyimah’s Official Website is: where fans can buy his merchandise including his “Dwen’s Girl” Clothing line.

Gyimah Forever -Dwen Gyimah

Dwen Gyimah has giving us an early look in “Gyimah Forever” which will be Dwen’s next Clothing Line scheduled for both boys & girls. The line will have very futuristic style such as Light up “Lightning Hats” which will have the “Gyimah Forever” logo in all its merchandise items.

“Dwen’s Girl” Logo- Making Of from Screen Magz on Vimeo.
“Gyimah Forever” is scheduled to be released after summer 2018 to early 2019. It’s unconfirmed when it will be officially released though.

Racism in Beast Morphers

Fans are wowed that Beast Morphers introducing another black-Red Ranger, the last season to do this was exactly 10 years ago with the 2009 final Disney season: Power Rangers RPM.

Now, fans need to remember Hasbro very smartly avoided what could have been targeted as a very racist move. Beast Morphers consists of an animal theme (it’s unknown wether the Spy theme will b ignored) Cheetah, Gorilla & Bunny rabbit. We haven’t had a black female ranger be in a team where the first 3 consists of Red, Blue, Yellow so chances of that was slim, & there was NO WAY the blue ranger could be black because he is designed to have the powers of a Gorilla, there would have been outraged if Hasbro was calling a black actor a gorilla ranger, that’s most likely why the Red Ranger is black.

This was a very smart move from Hasbro as many racism rumours would have been avoided.
Power Rangers Beast Morphers starts 2nd March on Nickelodean

Hasbro Unleashes Beast Morphers Toys

Beast Morphers Toys Finally Revealed!
The New York Toy Fair of 2019 saw Hasbro release there own original Beast Morphers gear, from blasters to swords to masks, morphers are yet to be revealed.

Jungle Fury’s Prop maker answers if Disney really DIDNT care sbout P R

Disney’s Power Rangers prop maker spills the tea
“I was aware of the comments about Disney not caring....”

Alan Walker who worked on some props and even toy prototypes for the Disney seasons says “I was aware that the budget was getting smaller at one point, but I can not say wether Disney cared or not since I was never really directly contracted by Disney, just the workers on the show” was Alan’s reply when asked if Disney DID or DIDNT care about the franchisee.

Apparantly the solar morphers were originally meant to have the ear piece at the very back of the morphers, hence why the toy versions had it.

Alan also made the disney era ranger bikes

According to Alan: The Solar Morphers were just normal cheap sunglasses bought from a shop that the prop department used as a base to turn them into the coolest morphers in ranger history.

Zordons Fashion Rangers

Catwalk Rangers Many fans are furious at the fact that the Green design has a YELLOW diamond & a BLUE triceratops in the middle when Tommy had the powers of a GREEN dragon, but hey, atleast the helmet is shiny and show accurate!?

Its FASHION Time!!!!! Look at these Power Ranger catwalks with merchandise based of the TV series.
Honestly..., not much happened to these suits after the catwalk... kinda a random push to test the Power Ranger Market i guess, but below you can enjoy more pics from the catwalk.

Original Rejected Power Rangers movie designs

A blast from the past! Incase you missed these rejected designs that were for Lionsgates Power Rangers Movie well here they are! These rejected designs are honestly very similar to the finalzed suits that were seen in the 2017 Movie by Lionsgate.
I personally feel as though these suits were rejected due to the lack of Mighty Morphin nolstagia, as the final suits resembled the original TV show more.

Power Rangers 2 Leaked Designs

The Future of the Power Rangers Movie is lying in colourful hands with these LEAKED designs.

So many things going on behind the scenes to assure the future of Power Rangers shines brighter than ever before, some leaks we will be posting in the up coming weeks are all Power Rangers leaks so ranger fans be ready!

Hasbro I have worked with Lionsgate for the newly  announced Power Rangers games consoles games coming out on Xbox Playstation & more later on in the year. So that could mean they will decide to remain with Lionsgate for the next Power Rangers movie as well?

Many artist have submitted artwork in hopes of being contracted to work alongside Hasbro for the next Power Rangers movie, its unconfirmed wether the next movie will be a sequal or a completely new movie with a completely new cast.

Popstars “Baddest” & German

Amelia Monét & EO, What happened?!

The two stars have barely been seen with each other publicly ever since EO cheating on Amelia went viral.
What happened??! 💔 
Amelia’s ex-best friend posted a picture of EO in a hotel room bed naked, the photo went viral and had many re-shares across Snapchat.
A YouTube video uploaded by channel  “Celeb Snap House” shared the photo too which has now been seen by even more people & has exposed EO’s affairs.

EO Caught Cheating On Amelia Monét 
Amelia & EO have no longer been making Youtube videos together & Amelia is now seen more by YouTuber “Deji” rather than with EO,
Even the two stars appearance on “Chicken Shop Date” an extremely successful comedy show hosted by presenter “Amelia Dimoldenberg” , saw EO & Amelia no where near eachother as they were in seperate scenes!