Dwen Gyimah’s Birthday Approaches

Dwen Gyimah transitions from teen star to adult star as his birthday approaches.

Dwen Gyimah television actor, from London to New York,  Dwen has struck international recognition, Dwen born: 18th April 1999 will see March being the last month of him being a teenager as he steps into Adulthood!

Dwen Gyimah always does his best to please fans when coming in contact with him he is social on his Facebookpage (Dwen Gyimah) Snapchat:(dwen235) Instagram:(@dwengyimah).

Dwen Gyimah was raised in South East London, he can be seen sometimes in Bromley shopping centre.

Dwen has transitioned nicely from child star to adult, he has been in numerous projects & makes a very proud and unique name to TV history, Dwen’s style is super colourful with a hint of red (which is his favourite colour).

Dwen Gyimah’s Official Website is: where fans can buy his merchandise including his “Dwen’s Girl” Clothing line.

Gyimah Forever -Dwen Gyimah

Dwen Gyimah has giving us an early look in “Gyimah Forever” which will be Dwen’s next Clothing Line scheduled for both boys & girls. The line will have very futuristic style such as Light up “Lightning Hats” which will have the “Gyimah Forever” logo in all its merchandise items.

“Dwen’s Girl” Logo- Making Of from Screen Magz on Vimeo.
“Gyimah Forever” is scheduled to be released after summer 2018 to early 2019. It’s unconfirmed when it will be officially released though.

Racism in Beast Morphers

Fans are wowed that Beast Morphers introducing another black-Red Ranger, the last season to do this was exactly 10 years ago with the 2009 final Disney season: Power Rangers RPM.

Now, fans need to remember Hasbro very smartly avoided what could have been targeted as a very racist move. Beast Morphers consists of an animal theme (it’s unknown wether the Spy theme will b ignored) Cheetah, Gorilla & Bunny rabbit. We haven’t had a black female ranger be in a team where the first 3 consists of Red, Blue, Yellow so chances of that was slim, & there was NO WAY the blue ranger could be black because he is designed to have the powers of a Gorilla, there would have been outraged if Hasbro was calling a black actor a gorilla ranger, that’s most likely why the Red Ranger is black.

This was a very smart move from Hasbro as many racism rumours would have been avoided.
Power Rangers Beast Morphers starts 2nd March on Nickelodean

Hasbro Unleashes Beast Morphers Toys

Beast Morphers Toys Finally Revealed!
The New York Toy Fair of 2019 saw Hasbro release there own original Beast Morphers gear, from blasters to swords to masks, morphers are yet to be revealed.

Jungle Fury’s Prop maker answers if Disney really DIDNT care sbout P R

Disney’s Power Rangers prop maker spills the tea
“I was aware of the comments about Disney not caring....”

Alan Walker who worked on some props and even toy prototypes for the Disney seasons says “I was aware that the budget was getting smaller at one point, but I can not say wether Disney cared or not since I was never really directly contracted by Disney, just the workers on the show” was Alan’s reply when asked if Disney DID or DIDNT care about the franchisee.

Apparantly the solar morphers were originally meant to have the ear piece at the very back of the morphers, hence why the toy versions had it.

Alan also made the disney era ranger bikes

According to Alan: The Solar Morphers were just normal cheap sunglasses bought from a shop that the prop department used as a base to turn them into the coolest morphers in ranger history.

Zordons Fashion Rangers

Catwalk Rangers Many fans are furious at the fact that the Green design has a YELLOW diamond & a BLUE triceratops in the middle when Tommy had the powers of a GREEN dragon, but hey, atleast the helmet is shiny and show accurate!?

Its FASHION Time!!!!! Look at these Power Ranger catwalks with merchandise based of the TV series.
Honestly..., not much happened to these suits after the catwalk... kinda a random push to test the Power Ranger Market i guess, but below you can enjoy more pics from the catwalk.

Original Rejected Power Rangers movie designs

A blast from the past! Incase you missed these rejected designs that were for Lionsgates Power Rangers Movie well here they are! These rejected designs are honestly very similar to the finalzed suits that were seen in the 2017 Movie by Lionsgate.
I personally feel as though these suits were rejected due to the lack of Mighty Morphin nolstagia, as the final suits resembled the original TV show more.

Power Rangers 2 Leaked Designs

The Future of the Power Rangers Movie is lying in colourful hands with these LEAKED designs.

So many things going on behind the scenes to assure the future of Power Rangers shines brighter than ever before, some leaks we will be posting in the up coming weeks are all Power Rangers leaks so ranger fans be ready!

Hasbro I have worked with Lionsgate for the newly  announced Power Rangers games consoles games coming out on Xbox Playstation & more later on in the year. So that could mean they will decide to remain with Lionsgate for the next Power Rangers movie as well?

Many artist have submitted artwork in hopes of being contracted to work alongside Hasbro for the next Power Rangers movie, its unconfirmed wether the next movie will be a sequal or a completely new movie with a completely new cast.

Popstars “Baddest” & German

Amelia Monét & EO, What happened?!

The two stars have barely been seen with each other publicly ever since EO cheating on Amelia went viral.
What happened??! 💔 
Amelia’s ex-best friend posted a picture of EO in a hotel room bed naked, the photo went viral and had many re-shares across Snapchat.
A YouTube video uploaded by channel  “Celeb Snap House” shared the photo too which has now been seen by even more people & has exposed EO’s affairs.

EO Caught Cheating On Amelia Monét 
Amelia & EO have no longer been making Youtube videos together & Amelia is now seen more by YouTuber “Deji” rather than with EO,
Even the two stars appearance on “Chicken Shop Date” an extremely successful comedy show hosted by presenter “Amelia Dimoldenberg” , saw EO & Amelia no where near eachother as they were in seperate scenes!

Justin Bieber Promises A Legendary 2019 Comeback

And it’s gonna be called......  “JB5
Justin Bieber has had a decent break from the media the past few years, but 2019 see’s the star make
a comeback for Beliebers.

“Scooter” the legendary music manager has announced on his Twitter profile that the “Sorry” singer will return in 2019 with his albulm release and its gonna be major.

Not forgetting Justin’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin as the star seems to have finally put a lid on his romantic history with Selena, This year see’s Justin’s transformation from Boy to Man & Man to Husband.

Dwen Gyimah Launches Clothing Line for 2019

The young actor starts of the new year with a new merchandise line and its styling!
D⚡️G fans are in for a treat as 2019 see’s the launch of Dwen’s new line “Dwen’s Girl”. Which sells merchandise from Caps to T-Shirts & his now newly released “Signed Photo Prints” where the TV star has made available SIGNED copies of his cool HD image designs.

Dwen was in the VEVO Music Video “No Plan” (David Bowie) which was released after David Bowie’s Death.

When Amelia Monet’s Ex Best Friend Slept With EO (Cheating Scandal)

2018’s adorable stars Amelia Monét & “German” Rapper EO didn’t unfortunately did not have a happy ending in there “collaboration” together....

An ex-friend of Amelia (Jada Celea) took humour on Instagram live after she posted a video of EO sleeping in a bed in a hotel room they booked together. At first it was unconfirmed wether EO was naked or not but after a carefull look you can see EO’s Jeans & Underwear on the floor at the left hand side of the photo.

Many screenshotted the image & shared it across social media, this was apparently done on purpose by Jada who is the person that took the pic, too hurt Amelia Monét whilst laughing at Amelia & repeating the phrase “He said I’m the baddest the baddest” on Instagram live

Ever since the video was posted, the two were rarely seen together, Amelia now does YouTubing with “Deji” & Even were in seperate scenes for the “Chicken Shop Date” specia tour episodes where Amelia Monét & EO were in the episodes.

The two have…

Famous British Rapper’s Brother Gets A MEGAZORD For Christmas (Video)

UK Rapper Krept records his brothers MEGA surprise!
British rapper “Krept” known from rap duo “Krept&Conan” had a very merry Christmas with family & friends.

Krept Snapchated there Christmas celebrations, what caught our eye was his brothers reaction when he recieved a “Power Rangers Ninja Steel” Megazord toy.

“He held it up like it’s a trophy” 🏆 was the caption as his younger brother couldn’t believe his eyes as he got the toy he wanted!

The below video shows the adorable & proud moment with his kid brother speechless at his present;

The video also shows him entering his duo groups own branded Croydon desert restaurant “Crepes & Cones”

Haily Baldwin x Power Rangers Swag

Haily Baldwin Rocks MMPR jumper Power Rangers have done a lot of collaborations that fans aren’t yet aware of, just like the images below which seem to be rejected Power Ranger clothing idea’s that were pitched to either Saban Brands or Lionsgate.

Haily Baldwin making headlines as Justin Biebers fiancé was acctually once chosen by Zordon to model for some Power Ranger Swag.

What time is it...? Its FASHION Time! These items are rare, who new Haily had a past with the rangers?!

Dwen Gyimah Stuns in his new haircut red & black

Ending 2018 with a lightning bolt: Dwen Gyimah 
TV actor Dwen Gyimah who can be seen in David Bowie’s “No Plan” Music Video stuns with his awesome Half Red & Black “lightning” haircut.

Dwen’s favourite colour is red, his haircut looks Dwentastic! The teenage actor has been a great role model for the youth & will surely continue to shine in 2019!

Dwen has recently appeared in a few TV commercials both in the UK & internationally.

Dwen has recently made his Instagram account with username: @dwengyimah & can be added on Snapchat: dwen235.

Get the Dwen Gyimah look with hair dye by “Schwarzkopf Live (permenant red)”

Dwen’s Instagram is here:

Naom Kaniel is returning for Beast Morphers Theme Song

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Naomi Kaniel who is responsible for the Samurai/Megaforce/Dino Charge & Ninja Steel theme song will be returning for the Beast Morphers opening.

Beast Morphers is looking to be a Saban season rather than a Hasbro season as Judd Lynn will also be returning as Executive Producer, This is meant to be a new era but it seems like Power Rangers will be following the same formula that it started following after Disney left.
I personally am extremely disspaointed with this news, fans were tired of "Go Go Power Rangers" and Ninja Steel made things eveb worse by adding a "Goooooooo, NINJA STEEL" at the end making the kids think of Power Rangers as a joke.

Naomi did terrible with the Samurai theme song, the Dino Charge theme song lacked the rock element it needed, But the Beast Morphers Theme hasn't been confirmed to repeat the "Go Go Power Rangers" chorus.

"Because Pirates Can't Sell Toys" Saban finally explains

How you liking Disney Now!?..... Saban finally explains why the pirate theme was completely ignored in the Gokaiger adaptation.

The new Power Rangers Visual History book has told us;

Apparently careful results & Demographics show that Pirate cinema movies can do good in the box office, but toy sales not so good according to Sabans team "PIRATE SUPERHEROS CANT SELL TOYS"!

A very unexpected reason as to why what clearly looked like pirates were ignored in the USA version.

This is not the first time Saban has done this, Back in the 90's the Kakuranger ninja theme was changed into aliens, Denji Sentai Megaranger's game theme was changed into astronauts👩‍🚀.

The Disney seasons however had a much better production value and a respective theme within each season that wasn't changed for the sake of earning cash.
This source comes from the official P R visual history book that was one of  Saban's last attempts to cash in on the franchise before Hasbro fully owns…